Consumer 3d camera - Fujifilm z35 purple digital camera - Ir led dome camera.

Consumer 3d Camera

consumer 3d camera

    3d camera
  • Range imaging is the name for a collection of techniques which are used to produce a 2D image showing the distance to points in a scene from a specific point, normally associated with some type of sensor device.

  • A person who purchases goods and services for personal use

  • Consumer is a broad label for any individuals or households that use goods and services generated within the economy. The concept of a consumer occurs in different contexts, so that the usage and significance of the term may vary.

  • A heterotroph (Greek ?????? heteros = "another", "different" and ????? trophe = "nutrition", "growth") is an organism that uses organic carbon for growth by consuming other organisms.

  • a person who uses goods or services

  • A person or thing that eats or uses something

consumer 3d camera - Samsung SSG-3100GB

Samsung SSG-3100GB 3D Active Glasses - Black (Only Compatible with 2011 3D TVs)

Samsung SSG-3100GB 3D Active Glasses - Black (Only Compatible with 2011 3D TVs)

When combined with Samsung 3D TVs, 3D Active Glasses bring viewing to vivid life. Samsung's newest 3D Active Glasses offer even greater comfort over hours of viewing. Bluetooth technology improves battery life up to 70 hours of viewing time.

Samsung’s new 3D Active Glasses are the gateway to Samsung 3D entertainment. Impressive both in how they function and in what they allow you to experience, the technology works as follows: When you put them on and look at the screen, the technology first blocks the left and then the right lens. It happens faster than the blink of an eye – so your eye won’t notice it. But when images are shown to each eye separately this “staggered” effect achieves far more lifelike 3D images.

Compatible Models

2011 LED: D6400, D6500, D7000, D7900, and D8000 series
2011 Plasma: D490, D550, D6500, D7000 and D8000 series

82% (12)

Italian Duplex Super 120 3D camera

Italian Duplex Super 120 3D camera

3D camera works with 120 film. Synchronized focus, shutters, aperture.
Possibility to use flash.
Made in Italy, '50s -early '60s.
Picture size : 23 x 25mm
24 exposures on 120 film.
Lens : 35mm f/3.5
Aperture : 3.5, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22
Shutter speeds : P (B), 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200 sec

3D Camera Studio Photo-iPad App-anaglyph-Akashi city ???? 2010 /06/13 twin RICOH GX100

3D Camera Studio Photo-iPad App-anaglyph-Akashi city ???? 2010 /06/13  twin RICOH GX100

Check out the anaglyph I made with 3D Camera Studio for iPad. To get free 3D red/cyan glasses, see the Juicy Bits FAQ.

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consumer 3d camera

consumer 3d camera

Sony 3D Bundle/Narnia Glasses

Not only do these glasses work with your 2011 Sony HDTV with 3D but they also work with Sony's 2010 3D models and the new line-up of VAIO 3D capable computers

Escape from reality to a fantasy-world of vibrant, high-quality 3D imagery with your compatible BRAVIA 3D HDTV and this starter pack from Sony. Included are the 3D Blu-ray Disc of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, as well as two pairs of Sony 3D active glasses.
Sony Narnia Starter Pack
Escape from reality to a fantasy-world of vibrant, high-quality 3D imagery.
Visit Narnia a Third Time
Return to the magic and wonder of C. S. Lewis' epic world in this third installment of the beloved Chronicles of Narnia fantasy-adventure series. When Lucy and Edmund Pensive, along with their cousin Eustace, are swallowed into a painting and transported back to Narnia, they join King Caspian and a noble mouse named Reepicheep aboard the magnificent ship The Dawn Treader. The courageous voyagers travel to mysterious islands, confront mystical creatures, and reunite with the Great Lion Aslan and a mission that will determine the fate of Narnia itself!
Starter pack bundles two pairs of Active 3D glasses with The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on 3D Blu-ray Disc. alt
Sony's adjustable glasses offer a wide viewing angle and a lightweight, comfortable fit. Click here for a larger image
Sony 3D Active Glasses
Enjoy a state-of-the-art 3D viewing experience while watching movies, sports, games, and even personal 3D content with these 3D active glasses and your compatible BRAVIA 3D HDTV. The glasses automatically synchronize with Sony 3D TVs.
Excellent Color Accuracy
Enjoy 3D content without compromising your picture quality, with brilliant colors and high contrast. The side panels also do their part by blocking out excess light.
Wide Viewing Angle
Experience 3D from a wide viewing angle--one of the advantages of the active shutter variety of 3D glasses is they aren't limited to a smaller "sweet spot."
USB Rechargeable Battery
These glasses are powered by a built-in, USB-chargeable battery. It offers a whopping 30 hours of use on a single charge (30 minutes), or you can do a quick charge of just three minutes for 3 hours--enough to get you through a movie on short notice.
Stylish, Ergonomic Design
Built for comfort, these glasses are lighter than previous models, and feature adjustable frames to fit just about everyone in your family. They're also designed to fit over prescription eyewear.
What's in the Box
Two Pairs of Sony Active 3D Glasses (TDG-BR250/B), USB Charging AC Power Adapter (AC-U501AD), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 3D Blu-ray Disc

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