Mini underwater camera. Camera house christchurch.

Mini Underwater Camera

mini underwater camera

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mini underwater camera - Coleman Mini

Coleman Mini Xtreme C3WP 5 MP Waterproof Digital Camera

Coleman Mini Xtreme C3WP 5 MP Waterproof Digital Camera

COLEMAN's MINI XTREME C3WP Digital Camera is tough and rugged. Waterproof to 10 feet, it is O-ring sealed and rubber lined for a secure grip and protection against moisture and dust. Freeze-Proof to 14°F (-10°C), it is perfect for any environment. With 5.0MP maximum resolution, video recording, auto face detection, anti-shake image stabilization technology, and a 1.8" screen, you can shoot and view great pictures and videos. Powered by two AAA (included) batteries and including a Micro SD slot that holds up to 8GB of additional storage.

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This sunset just marks the beginning of a new day

This sunset just marks the beginning of a new day

At this time next week, I'll be a Master of Science (hopefully). Preparing the presentation for my thesis defense, I can't help but do a bit of reflecting. (The soul searching will inevitably follow - if I still have one left, that is.) This was taken on the last day of my field work on Cayman Brac. I would try to go all metaphorical on you re: sunsets and new beginnings, but I'm drinking wine out of a mini pint glass right now. Anyone else who's been through this will surely understand. And if you haven't - well then, you just might be smarter than I!

Underwater Camera Set-Up

Underwater Camera Set-Up

I finally got around to getting some pics of my underwater camera set-up. The telescopic pole and paint roller handle allow me to get smoother shots and a 360 degree view without the camera spinning uncontrollably.

In order to record video footage, there's a video out port from the LCD screen where I plug my video camera. I record the footage onto a mini-DV tape.

mini underwater camera

mini underwater camera

Underwater Shock & Waterproof Digital Camera - Mini II - Watersport Snorkeling

Depth tested waterproof to 130 feet, rubber armored for a sure grip and shockproof tested up to 6ft/2m. Made for SCUBA divers, snorkelers, boaters, hikers, paddlers and any fun-seeking adventurer. Large, wide-spread controls for easy operation and no complicated menus. The Easy Setup on-screen guide ensures the camera is set correctly for great pictures on land or underwater. No more blue pictures with the Dive and Snorkel modes with underwater color booster. Let your creativity shine with the SPY mode. SPY mode lets the camera do all the work - It takes continuous pictures at set time intervals. Capture those impossible pictures when you can't get close to the subject. As easy to expand as it is to use, for breathtaking panoramic shots, add the optional wide angle lens which allows close up pictures to within 1ft / 30cm and increases the shooting angle by 33% so you can fit everything in the picture. To bring vibrant colorful pictures while diving, add the SeaLife Digital Pro Flash.

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